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Baisontech Thermal Insulator TM-F20 Successfully Replaced Bergquist Sil-Pad A1500 For LED Lighting Cooling 9/19/2017

Baisontech Thermal Insulator TM-F20 Successfully Replaced Bergquist Sil-Pad A1500 For LED Lighting Cooling

Bergquist Sil-Pad series is normally applied with LED lamp thermal interface material, however, due to transportation, delivery and price factors, users are not always satisfied during process of purchase and use, and also, with production cost control increasing, more and more users began to localized procurement, which makes easier to control goods delivery, pace of production, and also saving transportation and storage costs.

One of our LED manufacturer has been using Bergquist Sil-Pad A1500 thermal insulation pad, size is 21mm x 18mm x 0.2mm, thermal conductivity is 2.0W/m-k. which is used between the chip and aluminum radiator. Customer searched online and found our Basiontech TM-F20 thermal insulator parameters are very close with Bergquist A1500 and the description is also wroted as a perfect replacement material of Bergquist A1500. Customer consult whether our TM-F20 can replace Bergquist A1500 truly? From parameters analysis, Baisontech TM--F20 thermal conductivity is higher than Bergquist Sil-Pad A1500 and thermal impedance is also lower, because we use ultra-high filling ceramic powder and 30um ultra-thin glass fiber,which makes better thermal conductivity performance in the same conditions. However, because of brand awareness, customer doesnt believe our Baisontech TM-F20 thermal insulator thermal conductivity is better than Bergquist Sil-Pad A1500, so we think it's not enough to provide customer test report only, we also provide free sample for customer testing. After testing, customer feedbacked result in the next day, Baisontech TM-F20 performance is good, but customer raised another question:"Can we make single-sided adhesive for TM-F20 thermal insulator for easier assembly?''

For the issue of single-sided adhesive, we always heard from customer. Actually adhesive is indeed easier for assembly in some cases, but don't ignore the drawbacks of adhesive, it will increase thermal resistance and lower thermal conductivity, product stability and use life is bound to be affected. Since customer insisted on trying, we recommend another single self adhesive thermal insulator TM-F20ST, this product is less viscous but suitable for assembly because final locking screw on the panel is fixed. TM-F20ST has lower hardness and can reduce contact resistance which thermal conductivity is better than TM-F20 and Bergquist Sil-Pad A1500. Actual test results are as what we introduced, customer is very satisfied with result, the only issue is TM-F20ST price is a bit more expensive than TM-F20, in consideration of cost, customer eventually choose to use Baisontech TM-F20 to replace Bergquist Sil-Pad A1500.