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Do you know TM-SF35 thermal insulator can replace Bergquist Sil-pad A2000 9/20/2017
Do you know TM-SF35 thermal insulator can replace Bergquist Sil-pad A2000

 Do not be too superstitious international brand thermal insulation pad, in fact,they sometimes have their own shortcomings. Do you know Bergquist 0.38mm thickness Sil-pad A2000 thermal insulation pad any shortcomings? In fact, with Baisontech 0.3mm thickness of the thermal insulation pad TM-SF35 can replace it.

When speaking of thermal insulation materials, the international first-line brand Bergquist thermal insulation film has been the Big Brother, many domestic manufacturers of power cooling programs selected Bergquist high thermal conductivity Sil-pad A2000, but do you know Sil-pad A2000 0.38mm thickness thermal insulation has shortness? Now our Baisontech TM-SF35 0.3mm thickness thermal insulator can perfectly replace Bergquist Sil-pad A2000 0.38mm thickness.
 Many customers looks for Beigquist Sil-pad A2000 thermal insulation pad specifing 0.38mm thickness, i am very curious why customer would choose so thick 0.38mm thermal insulator? since 0.38mm is almost thermal pad thickness. After understanding, we know that customers has a strict requirement, the voltage must be greater than 5kv, so engineers choose 0.38mm thermal insulation pad, because there's so-called thickness higher, voltage resistance higher.

For the current domestic thermal insulation sheet manufacturers technology status, thermal insulation film can only make usually only 3w/m-k conductivity, but we Baisontech factory has sophisticated research and development team, we focus on product development and innovation for years, our technology has been leading level on domestic, our thermal insulation pad can make 5.8W/m-k. Customer choose Bergquist 0.38mm thermal insulation film, i always share with customers about our thermal insulator TM-SF35 strengths and comparison:

1: High thermal conductivity: our thermal insulator TM-SF35 thermal conductivity truly tested 3.5W/m-k, while Bergquist Sil-pad A2000 thermal conductivity is 3.0W/m-k. Our thermal insulator win Bergquist material simply judging from thermal conductivity.

2: Low thermal impedance: lab tested our TM-SF35 thermal insulator with low resistance 0.33 has succeed Bergquist material again.

3: High voltage resistance: Baisontech TM-SF35 thermal insulator voltage resistance can reach 7KV. but Bergquist Sil-pad A2000 is only 6KV which thickness 0.38mm.

Some purchasers may dont know thicker thermal insulator has lower thermal conductivity. because thicker thickness means higher thermal resistance and affect conductivity, but they almost know thickner thickness, the price is higher. However, customer are very reasonable, they ultimately regard solving heat problem as the goal, thermal insulation pad has always been the most suitable without the most standard products!

   In general, customer engineer is concerned about the thermal conductivity and high voltage resistance, meeting withstand voltage requirement, and then solve the heat conduct problem, Bergquist 0.38mm thickness thermal insulation film Sil-pad A2000 is an awkward application ,it's not only because of thick thickness and more expensive,but also 0.38mm thickness Sil-pad A2000 brings greater thermal resistance, thereby affecting the thermal effect. So, if choosing Baisontech TM-SF35 high thermal insulation pad, voltage resistance and thermal conductivity can be better satisfied, while price is only about 65% of the Bergquist, customers why not choose us? Replace the Bergquist Sil-pad A2000 thermal insulation film, just choose Baisontech TM-SF35, better application results, lower cost, smaller MOQ, faster lead time!